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Contact us today to help create crafts for your home, business and upcoming events.

  • Get help mass producing a craft for an upcoming special event

  • Create timeless pieces for your wedding or shower

  • Personalize your home or office with custom items

  • Get a special gift for a loved one or friend


We are happy to discuss the project with you, take a look at any pictures you have, and create a special product that is unique to you and your tastes.

  • Weddings:

    • Floral arrangements

    • Bouquets and boutonnieres

    • Centerpieces and table decorations

    • Favors for guests

  • Showers, bridal and baby:

    • Diaper arrangements

    • Floral arrangements

    • Centerpieces and table decorations

    • Favors for guests

  • Home and Business:

    • Holiday themed decorations

    • Home and office decor

  • Gifts

    • Holidays and special events

    • Appreciation


Get the Process Started

Contact Mums the Word today for a consultation.



We will not duplicate copyrighted items or directly copy another crafter's product or idea.

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